Bangkok University

Address 119 Rama IV Road, Prakanong, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02 407 3888; Fax.: 02 407 3999

Campus Map:

Bangkok University is one of the oldest and most famous private universities in Thailand under the patronage of the Bangkok University Foundation. The University has operated since 1962 with A.Surat and A.Pongtip Osatanugrah’s resolution to found a non-profit private university as a center of knowledge to develop modern graduates with knowledge and practical skills to serve the country in the future.

It is fortunate for us to see the founders’ vision beautifully bloom and skyrocket high at the present time. Thousands of graduates from BU have served not only Thailand but also the global community at large. That copiously results from the fact that the University has strived for quality education to empower students in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical work skills. To date, quality education at BU is made possible through highly qualified faculty, efficient supporting staff, modern technology, stimulating learning environment, and international cooperation. We at BU are fully aware of the founders’ vision, and we are all committed to continuously serving the country and the world with high-quality education. All are welcome to become a part of our journey for the development of humanity and the world.

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